Hello crystal lovers and welcome to our crystal blog!
Once or twice a week I will pop a new blog up with some information and uses for different crystals. This is for you all to refer back to and learn some new things about each crystal or stone. This week we are going to start with...
Antigoriteย is a magnesium iron silicate hydroxide variety of Serpentine, that occursย as hard compact pleated monoclinic masses. Antigorite is named after its discovery locality, in the Valle Antigorio, Piemonte, Italy.ย 
Antigorite is a gemmy green and rare form of Serpentine, that brings you Heart Chakra healing, whichย can help release emotional blockages and their resulting negative energy, thus allowing us to get away from those persons/things that no longer serve and keep us from advancing with our lives. Antigorite allows creativity to flow and intuition to bloom. It can help enhance our ability to tell a fraud when we see it and gives the final push to move past the lies and begin to make positive changes in our lives โ€“ a new start, so to speak.

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