Blue Calcite Sphere
Blue Calcite Sphere

Blue Calcite Sphere

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Blue Calcite is connected with both the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, facilitating calm, clear communication and enhancing your intuition. This crystal is also helpful in diminishing any argumentative energies that arise in your household. Blue Calcite is also particularly helpful for students, as it can help them retain information, especially when studying for exams.

Blue Calcite can help establish and increase your ability to trust and have faith in yourself, something that we all struggle with from time to time. It allows you to feel confident in your decisions so that you can feel stability instead of uncertainty from self-doubt. Calcite itself is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser, raising the vibration of your space and clearing it of any negativity. Meditating with it to connect with promote optimistic thoughts, helping you to understand the divine timing of the universe. It is a stone of the mind that can shed new light on any situation or problem, encouraging you to look at it in a new way and release old, limiting thought patterns.

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