Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

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Flat base for ease of placement.

Precious Opal forms within voids or fractures of its host rock, usually Ironstone or Sandstone. Because the veins are quite thin, it is cut with the stone left on the back for support or as layers of Opal within the matrix stone.

Mined in Queensland, Australia, each finished piece is unique and special. As close-to-nature talismans, Boulder Opals carry not only warm Earth energies, but also the illuminating energy of Fire. They can help assist practical people in developing their spiritual sides, while helping spiritually minded people succeed in the everyday world. Boulder Opals are helpful in reconciling conscious and unconscious thought, bringing clarity and emotional security, and assist those who find it hard to put down roots to establish a stable home environment without sacrificing a spirit of adventure.

Use these stones for perseverance when the going gets tough, and hold in earthy places to connect with earth and plant spirits.