Cosmic Crystals

Cosmic Crystals

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Rituals and Meditations for Connecting with Lunar Energy

Energize and Amplify the power of your crystals using the strength of the moon!

Crystals and moon magic have been used together for centuries. Crystals are natural energy amplifiers that can be used to enhance your connection to the moon and its healing energy. Conversely, you can also use the energy of the moon to charge and clean your stones.
Cosmic Crystals show you how to combine the power of lunar energy and healing crystals to create sacred spaces, set intentions and manifest magic and abundance in your life. Learn crystal mediations and rituals for each moon phase as well as which crystals are most potent during new moons, full moons and other lunar events.
For each moon phase, you'll find information on how to work with its corresponding crystals and energetic qualities, along with lists of its associate herbs, colours, essential oils, animals and deities.
Written by leading crystal expert Ashley Leavy, this beautiful book belongs on every crystal enthusiasts bookshelf.