Cracked Quartz Geode

Cracked Quartz Geode

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A gorgeous and sparkly Quartz Geode that has been cracked open. Each piece is unique and may have more than one split to them.

Geodes typically form inside air pockets, caused by gas bubbles left by volcanic or other geological events. These specific geodes formed inside rich phosphate rich layers, dating specifically to the Cretaceous Period.

A druzy can bring light and joy into any environment. The energy of a Quartz cluster can enhance the energy of other crystals and stones. They also calm and soothe the mind, helping to relieve stress and infusing you with positive energy. Place this piece around the home or office to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful energy. Quartz geodes make beautiful decorative pieces in any pace.

Quartz geode cluster is especially good for energy work, crystal healing, and stabilizing the aura. It works on imbalances in the aura and helps with creative thinking and decision making. Quartz also helps to amplify positive energy. This crystal is known to be the Master Healer because of many benefits you can gain from this crystal. It can amplify and transmit energies of other stones as well as your intentions. Quartz can be programmed to do just about anything. This crystal can help you to vitalize and synchronize the energies in ones body.