Ethiopian Opal Earrings
Ethiopian Opal Earrings

Ethiopian Opal Earrings

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Gorgeous flashy Ethiopian Opal stones set in Srerling Silver studs.

Ethiopian Opal has long been believed to be an emotional intensifier, enhancing the true nature of those who wear it. Some say it can strengthen the will to live and can shield the wearer against negativity. Some practitioners of energy work say it can activate the Base and Sacral Chakras, although other base colours of this Opal can be used with corresponding Chakras if needed.

Most Opals are sedimentary in nature, meaning they are created from the layers laid down by ancient waterways. Ethiopian Opals however, are hydrophane Opals, which were created as a result of volcanic activity, forming in nodules within the volcanic ash in stratum between Rhyolite layers.

"Hydrophane" comes from the Greek words meaning "water-loving," and describes how these Opals tend to absorb water. Water absorption can alter the appearance of an Ethiopian Opal, changing the stone from opaque or semi-translucent to highly translucent and almost transparent.