Green Moonstone Pendant

Green Moonstone Pendant

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Set in Sterling Silver

Green Moonstone is the perfect crystal to help assist you to be more connected to your heart, understand your feelings, and regulate your emotions in a more healthy and balanced way. This crystal symbolizes feminine energy which will help you tap into a magical feeling of ease, balance, and inner-beauty. 
Green Moonstone can help assist you in building a harmonious relationship with your inner self and your emotions, while also aiding you in building emotional balance, mental clarity, which will help motivate you to create a serene and successful life.

This beautiful green crystals are associated and deeply linked to the Heart Chakra, which means that they are highly connected to sensations, feelings, moods, love, and how you balance and interact with your deep and inner emotions.  When you interact and tune to the energy of this dazzling Green Moonstone, you become more aware of your emotions and sensations.