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K2 Egg

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K2 is a form of Granite and Azurite, and is a unique stone found only in the snowy peaks of the second-highest mountain in the world - Mount Godwin Austen in the Karakoram Range. These mountains border China and Pakistan, with the stone itself only found on the Pakistan side so far. This crystal is extremely rare and has a mining process, unlike any other stone. The heavy snow, high altitude, and limited resources in the area make the value of this stone incredibly high. Many theories about the stones origin and creation are debated, but the common belief is that the Granite (made up of Quartz, Muscovite, Biotite, and Sodium Plagioclase) hardened and the Azurite droplets then occurred during a secondary melt. There’s speculation that it's even true Azurite due to white granite and Azurite never before being recorded together. In many cases, there are tiny droplets of Malachite spotted throughout the white granite. It too was formed during a secondary melt, but can only be seen up close on a majority of specimens. 

K2 is known to help open and unlock our Third Eye and Crown Chakra. This stone helps strengthen the Third Eye to enhance psychic abilities on all levels (lucid dreaming, astral projection, telepathy) and assist in the opening of the Crown Chakra. When our crown becomes open, endless amounts of higher knowledge soon begin to spiral down within us. The third eye connection to the crown is vital at this point, and aids in “seeing” what this knowledge truly means. This information is here to serve you on the path to your higher self, and K2 is the key to accessing this knowledge.