Narmada Stone Lingam
Narmada Stone Lingam

Narmada Stone Lingam

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Approx 18cm long

Narmada stones come from the Narmada River, which is one of India’s seven holy rivers. They are all shades of brown or tan and often have beautiful markings or bands. Narmada stones are made out of Jasper, which is a combination of Quartz, Chalcedony and Opal and has aspects of all of these crystals.

Narmada Stone is interesting because it can open and realign most of the Chakras with equal power. This can be seen in its ability to stimulate Kundalini energy, which resides in the base or Root Chakra which is found at the bottom of your spine. According to tradition, it is wrapped seven or twelve times around itself and can uncoil upwards. As Kundalini energy rises, it opens all the Chakras to finally be released through the Crown Chakra, which connects you to pure consciousness and your highest spiritual energy.

As a stone made of brown jasper, the Narmada stone provides protection and grounds your energy as well as your body. It aligns your physical, mental and emotional bodies with your aura, balances the ying and yang energies and provides protection.