New Zealand Pounamu Slab
New Zealand Pounamu Slab
New Zealand Pounamu Slab

New Zealand Pounamu Slab

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This gorgeous Pounamu has been beautifully polished on one side, with the other side remaining matte. Found and carved on the West Coast of the South Island.

Pounamu is a very lovely soothing heart based stone that may help ease any stress or depression. For hundreds of years this stone has been used by the Maori people to create amulets to wear for protection. Pounamu is said to have mystical energies and has long been believed to be a magical stone that can help you live a long life. This is a stone that is commonly given to family members or as a gift of friendship. They embody a strong earth based vibration, and they may be beneficial to use to create a protective grid for a number of reasons.

Many pieces of this stone can be quite translucent and can have streaks of black or white through the stone. The most common minerals in these stones are a type of green Serpentine, Nephrite Jade or Bowenite. These are found on the West Coast of the South Island. One of the most common reasons for use of this stone is as an authentic symbol of love, friendship and appreciation for another person. They are well known as a stone that brings magic into in your life and may be kept on the body as talismans. Pounamu are also sought after for their strong action to confer protection.

The energy of these stones are calming, so this may help you to deal with any fear or to help any situation where you feel you need their strength. Pounamu stones vibrate within both the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is known to support a growth in your self esteem. All types of Pounamu are excellent in helping you to create a protective barrier around you, to bring protection from any type of negativity. They can also help prevent psychic attacks. It forms an impenetrable barrier when held or kept on you, which is a good reason to wear a pendant or bracelet made from these stones. It is believed that Pounamu can assist you with past life exploration through contact with ancestors in the spirit world. They have a good resonance within the Third Eye Chakra and may be beneficial when used on the forehead, or generally within this chakra. They are useful stones to keep under the pillow both to aid restful sleep by calming stress and also for their action to help you to remember your dreams.