Nundoorite Tumble

Nundoorite Tumble

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Sourced from Nundoora Station, near Broken Hill, Australia. This stone is made up from a combination of Aegerine in Orthoclase Seynite.

Orthoclase is a highly beneficial crystal for reversing the declining processes in our body. Not only that, it will help you prevent the fear of getting old and make you understand that the Spirit is always staying young no matter in what condition your physical body is. This crystal helps to boost our energy, and restores our will, therefore effectively buying us some time for a quality and happy old-age life. Associated with hope, new beginnings, better perception, and discernment. It can be useful for relieving emotional tensions. It can also be used for chakra balancing and meridian activation. This stone of cooperation and group work, encourages finding novel and unconventional paths toward achieving our goals. 

Aegirine is an excellent stone for generating and focusing energy beams, removing emotional blockages and enhancing positive vibrations. Extremely helpful in cases of psychic attack or negative thinking, it repairs the aura after attachments have been removed. This stone helps you see the bigger picture and assists in healing relationship problems or overcoming the grief of separation. Aegirine can be used to boost the body's own healing systems and the healing energy of other crystals.

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