Rough Hemimorphite

Rough Hemimorphite

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Hemimorphite is a stone that helps activate and align the four upper chakras and is a stone known to heal the emotional body, enhance one's communication abilities, and assist in cleansing and balancing one's aura. This stone can help bring positive vibrations full of joy, happiness, and uplifting energy. It's the perfect stone to work with or carry when you're having a day where emotions may be overwhelming you.

Hemimorphite can also enhances your communicative abilities and help soften the words you choose. This stone is here to help you communicate your true feelings and help assist taking traumatic events or emotional grief off of your chest. Once we are able to accept that we have these feelings, only then can we move forward and grow. Hemimorphite helps us move past difficult life events and offers up new beginnings and opportunities.

Hemimorphite is a great stone to use when trying to communicate with your partner or loved one. Along with helping choose the right words and tone, it also enables us to speak about how we truly feel. By encouraging loved ones to open up and be completely open with their significant other, only then can a functional relationship take place.

This stone has amazing communication abilities that are perfect for any medium or channeler. By activating our upper four chakras, Hemimorphite attracts us to our angelic beings and spirit guides. These beings provide higher knowledge and messages from other realms and dimensions. Hemimorphite helps in the decoding of these messages and how they can affect our life.