Ruby Kyanite Sphere
Ruby Kyanite Sphere

Ruby Kyanite Sphere

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Photo is an example of what these stunning pieces look like. Your piece will be intuitively selected upon ordering.

Ruby Kyanite has been known to have a wide variety of magickal properties. Not only does this crystal combination aid in communication, it has also been known to be beneficial for meditation, astral projection, and opening the Third Eye. Ruby Kyanite helps to enhance and fine tune spiritual energies, and is also a fantastic stone for balancing the Chakras.

This is a crystal that has a wonderful reputation as a protective stone, as it is known to dispel negative energies and emit soothing vibrations. It can help you alleviate stress and help you to focus on self-growth and healing. It had also been said that this stone can help ease anxiety and aid in choice making. Together, these two stones are ideal for encouraging you to embrace change and move forward towards goals.