Satin Spar Charging Plate
Satin Spar Charging Plate

Satin Spar Charging Plate

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Perfect for charging your crystals on!

Satin Spar is a form of Selenite and can help bring luck to those who use or carry it. This is a crystal that can help you to connect to both past and future lives. During meditation, when you rub this crystal with one of your fingers, the visuals will be presented to you. This crystal brings good judgment and can help you see that justice is properly done during conflicts. It can help you find the strength to make good decisions and also helps you to see that it is better to be a tree that moves in the wind rather than stands firm against the wind. Satin Spar constantly recharges itself, so you never have to worry about cleansing it or recharging it. This crystal is also perfect for cleansing, recharging, and programming your other crystals and gemstones as well.