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Stromatolites are fossilized layered deposits pf algae within ancient sedimentary rock. These old single-celled organisms are believed to be some of the first forms of life on this planet. Some cyanobacteria (algae) in the rock dates back over 3.5 billion years.
Stromatolite are known to hold eternal knowledge. This stone can take you back to the far ages of our planet and can help you to deeply go into closely guarded ancestral secrets. This is an excellent support stone to help you if you are going through change. Stromatolite helps to encourage you to stand in your own power, so you can fulfil your soul goals on a personal and planetary level.
Stromatolite is a very soft, soothing stone with the ability to help reconnect you to the primordial state of earth, the first forms of life and your own past lives. Stromatolite can help you relieve stress, aligning the body with base zero point frequencies of Earth's origins.