Tanzanite Chip Necklace

Tanzanite Chip Necklace

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Perfect as a long necklace or fold in half for a shorter necklace. You can even use these as beads by themselves.

Tanzanite is an excellent crystal for those who are new to the exploration of psychic powers. This is because Tanzanite is a very protective crystal and allows the clairvoyant Brow Chakra to open gradually, preventing the impressions from becoming overwhelming. This is why Tanzanite is also a fantastic calming and soothing crystal. Even a small piece is beneficial for overcoming any communication difficulties you may have. This stone is also practical in providing a solution to any problems, even when there seems to be none. This stone is a good stone for career change.

Tanzanite can aid in sharing spiritual information and knowledge from a heart-centered perspective, making it an excellent crystal for counsellors or anyone in the position of intellectually interpreting emotional experiences. This crystal also benefits empathy, who form interpretations of emotional information they receive intuitively. When worn as jewellery, Tanzanite not only stays within one's auric field and brings one's consciousness to a permanently higher state, but also can help bring the positive self-awakening qualities to others who see its beauty.