Trolleite Sacred Geometric Set

Trolleite Sacred Geometric Set

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Sacred Geometry is an instrument of dialog between man and God, permitting us to find unity inside nature's diversity. It provides complete understanding and experience, to consciously shape our future and accelerate the ascension process. They show us how to open our hearts and evolve the consciousness through models.

- Star Tetrahedron
- Cube Hexahedron (Earth)
- Octahedron (Air)
- Icosahedron (Water) 
- Dodecahedron (Universe)

Trolleite is a hard, Phosphate mineral that contains Quartz, Lazulite and Scorzalite. A beautiful blue, cream (and sometimes dark grey) crystal with very powerful metaphysical properties. It is known as an Ascension crystal for those seeking Higher Realm wisdom and healing. Trolleite has many healing benefits. If you need an excellent crystal for manifesting Trolleite is the one you want. It will be the light for your soul path and your highest good. Trolleite is an excellent activator for all your energy centers and light channels. A great stone for energy work, and will open up a divine connection to your spiritual powers. 

These beautiful crystals will help release the negative fearful energy holding you back from continuing your journey towards ascension and enlightenment. Trolleite is part of the Quartz family. It has wonderful Quartz healing properties, and this could be one of the reasons it is such a great manifestation crystal.