Vivianite Nodule
Vivianite Nodule

Vivianite Nodule

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Vivianite is a crystal that embodies a deep heart based energy, which is helpful to assist you in releasing any negativity from your thinking. It is also a valuable stone to support communication.

It is known to help you to have a more compassionate ability to share information with others, and its vibration may also inspire clearer and more harmonious communication. Vivianite has beneficial metaphysical properties that help to remove any discordant energy from your aura.

Vivianite also helps assists in removing negativity and unwanted energies from your mind, body, and auric field. For people who are dealing with depression and anxiety about yourself, Vivianite is highly recommended for you. It will help take away that feeling of “being uncomfortable in your own skin” and aid in embracing the beauty in yourself.