About Taryn + TYT

Welcome Witches!

Thank you for visiting my website! Just knowing you found me warms my heart 💞

My name is Taryn and I have had a love of crystals and witchy things since I can remember! I'm always in awe of the various creations dear old Mother Nature provides, whether that is a stunning crystal cluster, or just the magic of her rongoa. I started Treat Yourself Trinkets after I had my youngest daughter. I wanted to spend more time at home with my children, while also sharing my love and knowledge of crystals to others. What started as a dream, is now my wonderful reality. I love interacting with my customers and getting to know more of you as time rolls on. I have met many amazing people, some I now consider my dearest friends! ❤

I always love the search for new items to add to our collections, I like to make sure I pride myself on providing the highest quality of crystals and other cool items I find along the way, at an affordable price for everyone. If there is anything you are wanting to have as part of your collection, or you are seeking a beautiful gift for a loved one, please don't hesitate to send me a message and let me know. I am always happy to help!

Blessed be xx

Taryn 💎